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Following the blind boycott against sunday vani by the new government, our office has been receiving lots of letters from readers around the island telling their utter disappointment and indignation for such unjustified action and insult to institutional ethics and protocols. some letters are published in this column

Just tell us what we readers should do to help SUNDAY VANI

It is with great surprise and sadness that we learnt that the new Government is trying to close down SUNDAY VANI. There are five voters in my family. We all worked and voted for a change — “sanzman” to utilize their own words. We didn’t know that the new Prime Minister would try to destroy our own newspaper. SUNDAY VANI is not a paper like other newspapers. It is not a gutter press. The four pages reserved for culture are real treasures. Up to now, you haven’t told us, readers what to do. Please just tell us. We’ll not betray you. By the way, I deeply regret my vote for those who want to finish off SUNDAY VANI. I have to repeat — just inform us in what way we, readers, can help you.
= = =
You have done so much for us.
We’ll not let you down
As usual, I first read the section containing letters from readers. To my surprise, I didn’t find my letter, which I had sent on 15th August, by registered mail. It was a short one. In case, you find it, please publish it before this one.
I studied the five cases of dictatorship mentioned in FOCUS. It all started with a small step when the public didn’t react — thinking it was a negligible one and not important. Here, too, the repressive measures — to strangulate our newspaper — is only a small step. The worse is yet to come. Don’t worry. We readers, will not let you down. You have done so much for the poor.
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Sunday Vani Must Not Give Up
I have read about the repressive measures that are being applied to SUNDAY VANI, with much consternation. I was even shocked to see on the front page a letter from the Ministry of arts and Culture which shows clearly that instructions have been given by the boss to stop all governmental subscriptions to SUNDAY VANI as from 15 august 2005. I am wondering why such a dictatorial action has been taken by a Government which is said to be caring and people friendly. Surely it doesn’t want to read or hear what SUNDAY VANI wants to say. Indeed it is showing signs of dictatorship for all its welfare measures such as free bus fare for the elderly, students and handicapped. For a Government which has won a handsome majority, is there a need to muzzle the press? Why only SUNDAY VANI for that matter? Is Dr Navin Ramgoolam afraid of the stand taken by the newspaper? In that case, this is indeed an effort to gag the press. And it does not augure well for the “gouvernement de sangeman”. The Mauritians do not like “dominère”. Please remember that all those in power. The wheel turns and history takes its revenge. 
Vinod Babu Daussaye - Brisée Verdière
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Repressiveness of the Government
It is indeed a matter of great concern for all the readers of Sunday Vani as well as the population, because it is the only weekly newspaper that is always fighting for the people in search of justice and rightfulness. 
It has been helping many people to come out of their miseries and face life boldly. As you are all aware of the different crusades Sunday Vani has organised in favour of the victims of Sale by Levy. Many persons have been saved by its message passed to the population in order to get rid of all those unscrupulous persons involved in this lucrative business of usurping people’s property and money. It will be very unfair to suppress such an edifying newspaper. The government has to stop its repressiveness and pay more attention to its duty towards its citizens 
Philippe Yen Chen Yu - Port-Louis
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Avec ène seule meeting, Harish Boodhoo tipou empêche Alliance Sociale gagne élection.....Zotte pé rode détruire nou la-gazette astère

Mo pas conne lire anglais. Mo zenfant finne explique moi ki banne ministres finne donne l’ordre pou ferme nou lagazette SUNDAY VANI. Mo dire ou franc. Mo pas ti vote pou sa gouvernement là. Mo pas content sa Premier ministre là. Mo ti conner ki li pou fanner. Li ti ène désastre de 1995 à 2000. Par contre, mo bizin dire ki Harish Boodhoo aussi finne fanner. Li finne pli fanner ki tous dimounes. Ki faire? Parceki li pas finne participer dans dernier élection. Li pas finne donne mot-d’ordre. Dimounes tipé attanne li. Avec ène seule meeting à Quatre Bornes, tout tipou virre embas la-haut. Mo bien chagrin pou li. En tout le cas, nous pas pou laisse li détruire nou la-gazette SUNDAY VANI. Merci si ou pou publier mo lettre malgré banne mauvais remarques lors Harish Boodhoo.
Balkrishna Seemadree - Chemin Grenier

Give the devil his due

It has been noted that the present Government is hitting hard on the previous Government’s actions. Everyday they are amending decisions taken previously. And each time, whether expressly or otherwise, they mean to point out to the public that the previous decisions were wrong.
Lately we read in a Sunday newspaper that “civil servants will no longer be put on arrest till 16.30 hours” to refund lateness caused by bottlenecks. Such decision may be right or wrong. It is expected that the Ministry of Civil Service Affairs has necessarily worked the figures collected during the period that such a “harsh” decision was put into action. The Ministry has analysed and investigated all the cases and the majority were causes of bottlenecks, because of which innocent civil servants and bus users were penalised.
We have learnt of the cancellation of the proposal to convert the ancient Postal Services Building into a Centre for African Culture. It is a relief that there is consultation and agreement on a new “tracé” for the Ferney road. Government has decided to reduce the number of Ministers and advisers which the previous government made an abuse of. Here it may be noted that as many of the unfilled or vacant positions are still being sought by would be Ministers or advisers and when all distributions would have been completed, those who, in one way or other, helped this government to snatch power will look for their “deserved” share, maybe the situation would be different. They will become demanding. 
Honourable James Burty David, one of the Government’s farceful has proved that Municipal and other local Government elections had been unjustly postponed by the previous Government. And now this Government is adding another feather to its cap. It will surely organise the elections as soon as the 100 days are over and during which “Transport gratuit”, “prix di lait Baissé” etc would be paraded so as to gather public votes. These would not be “electoral gifts” for municipal elections because they were promises. It’s only the opposition’s i.e the previous governments “promises” or “offer of jobs, even through PSC” that are electoral gifts. Only a matter of interpretation and the game is won.
So all these Government actions are aimed only as electoral gifts for Municipal and Village Council elections. Once these are over, who knows whether the conditions would not change and we’ll be back to square one. It is not to be forgotten that the “bailleur de fonds” like FMI and others are not happy with our economy, already in the Red according to everybody including Rama Sithanen, the real “maître à penser” in the Government. It is to be noted also that when the leader is not the “real maître à penser” then there will surely be disagreements which the public will later come to be aware of. 
Nonetheless, it seems there are certain “good” decisions that the previous Government took. Of these we have witnessed honourable Asraf Dulull and the Deputy Prime Minister “coupe rubans” on the T.V news of 7.30 p.m. The Government seems to be “giving the devil their due” or take advantage of good decisions taken. The end always justifies the means thereto.
Christian Marc Poinen - Quatre Bornes

What Will The Authorities Do About Smoking In Public?

It is many months now – maybe more than a year – since the government is signatory of the international convention against public smoking. It is also a worldwide fact that many frontline european, african and american countries have sworn allegiance to the legislation and already applied the measures against tobacco. Even a cigar producer like Cuba and other cigarette producing countries have set out to execute the recommendations of the Convention Cadre of CLLAT.
Why then, is Mauritius beating about the bush? Where is the problem? Do the authorities believe that there is no problem? In fact, there is a big problem concerning ethics and civil behaviour. People smoke in buses, administrative buildings, hospitals, schoolyards, halls of justice etc.
It seems as if NO official body cares and NO one wants to be warranted with responsibility. The government will have, sooner or later, to either bell the cat or bear the brunt. We need an overnight action and a swift “changement”. 
How long do we non-smokers have to wait, Mr Prime Minister, Sir, before we die, victims of Prime Sinister?
Shobhawatee Narain - Nouvelle France

I have read the latest Cabinet decisions and agree to the project of the government, bent upon amending section 172 of the Criminal Code. It is normal and natural that habitual criminals be met with appropriate sanctions. It is also mere justice that punishment be wrought upon those helping and/or harbouring criminals.
My question to Dr Navin Ramgoolam is as follows : 
— Is his cabinet proposing a total, unrestricted legislation to chase and punish offenders currently unsuspected and that “Ex Post Facto” and if yes, then how far back will it operate? Is there going to be witchhunting and targetting personalities of a particular fold rather than a wide netspread?
I hope it is not underlying a vendetta bearing on settlement of political scores! The future will tell whether the new law will be a flawless measure to combat crime or else another double standard legislation for a parody of justice.
Vasu Rajenenden Rajagopal
Vieux Grand Port

Goolam Mooreea v/s Jyoti Jeetun

It is so strange that even those who voted the new government cannot understand. We read in a Sunday newspaper that the No.1 of the severely criticised road development authority retains his job following the pleadings of a Senior Minister, while the dear Jyoti Jeetun who had only worked for the benefit of the planting community has been kicked out unceremoniously by the same Navin.
Is this the sanzement that the electorate of the suburbs of Mauritius voted. If this is so then we are convinced that during the coming 59 months we will be watching a lot more of such sanzements. Bonne chance l’île Maurice as we have no senior Minister capable of assessing the contribution of the lady during her 10 years or more at the service of S.I.T. Remember, India has been ruled by expatriates because of Indians’ attitude when their own were attacked. 
Abdel Azad Ali Mohith

In one of your editorials, I read of your story of the Panchatantra, and this induces me to share another one with your readers. By the way I wish your readers would go through the pages of this book, the stories are adapted to many life situations.
The story goes like that. There was once a heron — a big bird that lives on fish which it catches from rivers or beaches — which complained to another bird that a serpent always ate its (the heron’s) little ones a few days after they are hatched. The advice came from the other: It is simple, some day, spread some fish that you catch along the path leading to your nest. A mongoose will reach the serpent and he will be your best partner or collaborator to kill the serpent.
So the advice was followed, the mongoose killed the serpent and later killed the heron after killing its small ones. Political collaborators have joined hands to win the elections and vanquished the (serpent) opposition now watch their next step. So be very cautious and selective with partners and collaborators. Always keep doors open. Do not strangle “enemies”, very often they are better “friends” than unnatural collaborators. 
Reshma Devi Hurdawor - Plaine Magnien

The Milk of Human Kindness

Two weeks have gone by since Minister Rajesh Jeetah set to redress the situation in the milk sector. The importers are not happy — the profit margin having been reduced from 41% to 14%. some traders even seek to hoard the powdered milk to induce a state of penury. While consumers are happy and relieved at the new table of prices as imposed by Minister Jeetah, some unhappy traders seek to play the “trouble fête”. The Minister retorts: “Pas jouer avec dilait chaud”! He proposes to import the product from India which is the largest producer of milk in the world. This will be done through the State Trading Corporation. The product will then be put on the market through local distributors. Well, let’s hope Minister Jeetah will lead us up the milky way through the milk of human kindness so far shown by the Government of changement. We hope the Milky Way will be to the benefit of all. 
Sheelabye Rita Rawjee
Camp de Masque