Up to Saturday 2nd July


Escaped Prisoners from Pointe aux Sables Prison

On 29.6.2005 at about 10.30 hours, the undernamed prisoners effected their escape from Petit Verger Prison:
(i) Mohamad Shabeer Kauder, 20 years, residing at Royal Road, St Pierre and
(ii) Louis Sebastian Fra, 27 years, residing at Cité EDC, Rose Belle.
Both were undergoing sentence for 6 months in cases of sexual intercourse with female under the age of 16. Message circulated for their early recapture. Fra was arrested on the next day at Grand Bel Air.

Larceny with Violence
(Trou Fanfaron)

On 29.06.2005 at about 10.45 hours, Mr N.G., 48 years, labourer, residing at Notre Dame, Long Mountain, was walking along the motorway proceeding towards Quay D, Round About when he was accosted by two unknown men. Thereupon, one of them at knifepoint snatched his wristwatch, cellular phone and a sum of Rs 5,000.- from his trousers’ pocket and bolted. Alerted DSU Port Louis North on mobile patrol in the locality arrested one C.S. 35 years, lorry helper, residing at Des Carrières Street, Roche Bois and one W.B. 27 years, residing at Les Hirondelles Avenue, La Tour Koenig. Sum of Rs 700 and a cellular phone have been recovered. They are detained. Enquiry is under way.

Wife Killed in Fatal Road Accident at Nouvelle France

On 1.2.2005 at about 19.00 hrs taxi lorry driven along Savanne Road, Nouvelle France, Beau Climat towards Curepipe by Mr A.D., 49 years, driver, residing at Batterie Cassée, Roche Bois, knocked against motorcycle ridden by one K.N., 72 years, residing at La Forge, Montagne Blanche having his 58 year-old wife as pillion rider. The latter was killed outright and the rider is admitted to Pandit J. Nehru Hospital. His state of health is not serious. The lorry driver who was negatively alcooltested, is detained.

One Dies in Road Accident at Beau Bassin

On 2.6.2005 members of Beau Bassin Police proceeded to Royal Road, Beau Bassin near Yu Voon Shop and found M.S., 24 years, residing at Berthaud Avenue, Quatre Bornes, lying dead on the road with his head crushed and D.H., 30 years, residing at Ollier Avenue, Rose Hill, with injuries all over the body. Autocycle was found lying by their side. D. H. was rushed by SAMU to Dr Jeetoo Hospital. His state of health is not serious. The circumstances of the accident are being established.

Dead Body Found At Quatre Bornes

On 02.07.2005 at 00.40 hours, following a request, Police proceeded to Solferino No 5, Quatre Bornes and found a private car unattended. One A.E.B., 20 years, employed at Belle Mare Plage Hotel, residing at Beeharry Lane, Floreal, was found lying on his back at the rear seat. SAMU called on spot and victim was pronounced dead.

Bearing Offensive Weapons

On 30.06.05 , Police on mobile patrol along St Jean Road, Quatre Bornes stopped private car driven by Mr S.R., 29 years, assistant storekeeper, residing at Berthaud Avenue, Quatre Bornes. During the course of a thorough search, 3 sabres, 2 nun-cha-ku, a knife, a wooden baton and an electric wire were secured. The driver as well as the undernamed occupants were arrested:
1. M.C., 31 years, no calling, residing at Ollier Avenue, Quatre Bornes,
2. D.P., 29 years, vegetable seller, residing at Jaylall lane, Quatre Bornes and
3. F.A., 31 years,carpenter, residing at 85 Western Boundary, Quatre Bornes.
Only the driver is detained whereas the others were allowed to go after enquiry.

Occupying NHDC Complex Illegally

On 30.06.2005, 6 families (about 25 persons) of Camp La Boue, Terre Rouge, illegally occupied six apartments out of 37 NHDC Complex in the locality. Police vigilance is being maintained.

Larceny by Person in Receipt of Wages (Rivière du Rempart)

On 28.06.2005 at16.30 hrs Mr T.R.I., 31 years, leading man at Alphamix Constructions, residing at Royal Road, Valetta, reported the theft of two gas burners, valued at Rs 15.000/- from a site of constructions at Rivière du Rempart. Investigation carried out on the same day by personnel of Rivière du Rempart CID had led to the arrest of one I.A., 20 years, and J.M.F, 36 years, both cleaners on that site, residing at Curepipe. They have confessed guilt.

Elections générales 2005
258 incidents politiques rapportés à la police

Lors d’un point de presse mercredi dernier, le commissaire de police, Ramanooj Gopalsingh, a fait un tour d’horizon de la présente campagne électo-rale. Il a déclaré que la police est sur le qui-vive, avec la situation bien en main. Il a indiqué qu’entre le 29 juin et mercredi matin, 258 incidents ayant un rapport avec les élections du 3 juillet ont été rapportés à la police. Outre l’agression mortelle de Pynee Ramasamy à Midlands, 20 cas concernent des voitures endommagées, 37 cas d’arrestations pour divers délits, 42 incidents suivis de verbalisations à l’encontre des personnes mises en cause. Alors que les autres sont considérés comme des cas mineurs.
Le CP a déclaré que la situation est sous contrôle. Il a signalé que la nouvelle Operations Room (OPS) est en service depuis le 30 mai dernier. Une salle dotée d’ordinateurs et qui comprend des équipements modernes de communication pouvant gérer les informations provenant de toutes les divisions à travers le pays. La salle dispose aussi de cartes sur lesquelles sont indiqués les points chauds. D’autre part, les véhicules de la Emergency Response Service (ERS) sont dotés du système Global Positioning System (GPS) pour une meilleure coordination entre toutes les unités.
Ramanooj Gopalsingh a déclaré que la force policière est déployée dans toutes les circonscriptions, soit quelque 10 000 policiers. 34 contrôles routiers (roadblocks) ont été mis en place par la Special Mobile Force (SMF) et la SSU pour parer à toute éventualité. Les quartiers chauds sont quadrillés. Des effectifs patrouillent régulièrement l’île, a-t-il précisé