Spectacle de Magie

Ustad Rajah sur la scène du Plus Grand Cabaret du Monde de Patrick Sebastien

Ustad Rajah est en passe de devenir une grande figure internationale de la magie. Après avoir remporté un prestigieux prix et un trophée d'appréciation lors d'un concours international de la magie, organisé par la Society of American Magicians, voilà que Ustad Rajah remet ça. Il va bientôt présenter un spectacle de magie sur la célèbre scène du PLUS GRAND CABARET DU MONDE. Un divertissement d’une durée de 145 minutes, présenté, proposé et animé par l’excellent Patrick Sebastien. Ustad Rajah va présenter un spectacle de magie de cinq minutes. A noter que cette émission de divertissement est l’une des plus appréciées et regardées en France. Elle a une moyenne d'audience de 6 millions de téléspectateurs et est réalisée par Bernard Gonner et Robert Jaffet de la chaîne Télé Magique de France. 
Mais à part cela, Ustad Rajah se rendra dans la Grande péninsule le 4 septembre prochain pour participer à une réunion de travail avec les artistes du «Indian Magic Academy» en vue du concours «Mr Magic 2005» qui se tiendra aux Etats-Unis le 23 septembre prochain et où notre compariote a été choisi par le «International Brotherhood of Magicians» pour siéger en tant que membre du jury. 
Mais avant de quitter Maurice, Ustad Rajah avait offert gratuitement aux amoureux de la magie, des spectacles éblouissants de magie, sous le Chapiteau Magique, à Trois Boutiques Community Centre, le dimanche 21 août à 20h00. 
Un deuxième spectacle aura lieu aujourd’hui, 28 août au Centre communautaire de Quatre-Cocos, à partir de 14h00. Le spectacle sera accompagné de l'orchestre Raja Jaduwallah. A son retour au pays, Ustad Rajah donnera rendez-vous au public lors d’une kermesse annuelle au Gymkhana. La date n'a pas été arrêtée. Au programme: Ustad Rajah, Junior Rajah, Rani et Rajah Junior vous serviront sur un plateau d'illusion des numéros de Technomagie, Comédiemagie, Discomagie, Electromagie, Télémagie, Dramagie etc. Un spectacle avec apparitions de colombes, chiens, lapins, fleurs et 100 % magique sous la roulette de Maître Rajah. 
Il exist desormais un coffret de la Magie “STARS OF TOMORROW” que vous propose Ustad Rajah avec la collaboration de “World Alliance of Magic”. Destiné aux apprentis magicien, il permet de réussir du premier coup des tours spectaculaires, si vous voulez mystifier vos amis ou encore vous lancer dans cet art. Vous pouvez contacter le magicien Ustad Rajah au Magic House, Rose-Belle ou téléphonez sur le 5220999. C'est Magique! 

General Agreement between USA and Mauritius

Ambassador's Self Help Program Grants signing ceremony held on Tuesday

The Chargé d'Affaires, a.i., Stephen Schwartz, signed grant agreements on behalf of the United States Government to fund 15 Self Help projects, including 1 in Rodrigues, with a total value of US$ 44,000 (approximately Rs 1.3 million). The ceremony was held on Tuesday last at Le Labourdonnais Hotel, Caudan Waterfront. Beneficiaries under the 2005 Ambassador's Self Help Program were selected from applications received in response to a public announcement earlier this year. Representatives will sign on behalf of their organizations. 
Since 1968, under the General Agreement between the United States Government and Government of Mauritius, the usa made funds available under the Special Development Assistance Program for the funding of small community activities. With the growing interest shown by beneficiary organizations, this scheme later developed into the current Self-Help formula. 
The main objective of the Self-Help Program is to improve basic economic and social conditions at the local community level and to encourage grassroots initiatives to solve problems. Self-Help activities, by definition, involve a significant contribution in kind or money by the beneficiaries of the fonds. The U.S. contribution is to operate primarily as a catalytic role. The projects range widely, in nature scope, and geographic coverage. 

Rezistans ek Alternativ
Open letter to the Electoral Commission

We write in connection with the procedure irnposed on candidates to submit electoral returns. 
An election is one of the most important events that defines a democratic society. Moreover, this fact is guaranteed by our Constitution. This is why in our electoral system, there is no constraint for any individual to stand as candidate except a deposit of Rs 250, which is itself refundable if the candidates cast more than 10% of the votes in a Constituency. Even though we do think that this deposit shall be abolished, and replaced by a more democratic system, yet it is to some extent bearable. Furthermore, apart from this deposit, there are no other fees to be paid if anyone wants to be candidate. 
Long ago, only those holding property; the wealthy, were able to participate as candidates in elections. Thus, the vast majority of the people was excluded from the elector process, as money and property were a major constraint. We thought that this dark side of our history was lying far back. However, remnants of this history seems to be coming back. 
We have noticed with concern that since 1991, an additional fee is imposed on alI candidates standing at general elections. For the Electoral Returns of a candidate to be valid, the candidate need to "solemnly affirm" that the said declaration is true in front of a magistrate. Since 1991, candidates and their official agents had to pay an extra-judiciary fee of Rs l00 in order to make this solemn affirmation. This fee is having an upward trend and is now Rs 150. We acknowledge that electoral returns are of overwhelming importance. Yet, the extra judiciary fees amounting to Rs 300, (Rs 150 for the candidate plus Rs 150 for the officiaI agent) is of real concern and raises fundamental democratic questions. 
Our political system which is guaranteed by the Constitution was made in such a way that there are no fees to be paid for a candidate at general elections. The extra judicial charge imposed after elections, creates a money constraint and thus violates the basic democratic principle enshrined in our Constitution. 
An amount of Rs 300 may seem token to political parties that spend millions of rupees during the electoral campaign. However, for political parties like Rezistans ek Altemativ, 
whose net expenditure amounts only to Rs 1044 per candidate - including the deposit of Rs 250 - paying this extra judiciary fee represents some 30 % of our net expenses. Excluding 
the mandatory deposit of Rs 250, the amount paid would represent 38% of our expenses. And even more absurd, the extra judiciary charge is itself greater that the actual deposit of Rs 250. This is really unfair, undemocratic and irrational. 
Subsequently, we request that Electoral Commission and the Electoral Supervisory Commission make the necessary recommendations to the authority to amend the law accordingly, in order to remove this undemocratic constraint on candidates standing at general elections. Moreover to stand as candidate is a Civil, Political and Democratic Human Right. 
Either it is clearly spelt out in the new legislation that no extra-judiciary fee has to be paid for electoral returns procedures or the law could make provision for electoral return to be solemnly affirmed and signed, free of charge, in front of the Electoral Commissioner. This is more or less the normal procedure for the registration of political parties for general elections. 
We pray the Electoral Commission and the Electoral Supervisory Commission to take into consideration our proposaI and we do hope that this situation will be remedied in a near future. 
Devianand Narrain

Surrupjeet RAMDOWAR has passed away

Residing of 7, Edgar Adolphe Street, Mare-Gravier, Beau-Bassin, Mr Surrupjeet Ramdowar left this world on the 25th of July 2005 at the age of 74. He was a retired person and was the ex-Senior Superintendant of the Central Post Office. He was a hard-worker whether at work or at home. 
It has been a month since Mr Surrupjeet, also known as Gian left his family. His children, especially the youngest daughter and his wife still cannot believe that he is no more, they still have not learnt how to live without him, they are still very sad. They love him so much. He has always been a good husband and a good father. He has done everything possible for his seven children. He has helped them at every step so that they achieve their goal in life. He was the pride of his relatives who are thankful for everything that he has done for them. 
He was a well-known social worker in his region dans elsewhere. He was friendly with everyone – always smiling, ready to help those who were in need. He was a very nice human being indeed. Mr Surrupjeet was the President of the Senior Citizens Association of "Birds of Paradise". He was involved in the Post Office Benevolent Fund and he was also active within the Senior Citizens Association of the Municipality of Rose-Hill. Mr Surrupjeet used to write little poems in Hindi, English and French and used to recite it on family occasions such as engagement, wedding, religious ceremony and also when he was going out with his senior citizens friends or when he had meetings with them. He was very fond of reading and writing. 
There are too many good deeds which he did during his lifetime and would not all fit in this article. May his soul rest in peace in the abode of God.