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              Ganesh Chaturthi, a Festival of Love and Unity

The great Ganesh Chaturthi festival will be celebrated with much religious fervor on Tuesday the 6th of September (Fourth bright lunar date of the month of Bhadrapad). Thousands of people throughout the island will devotionally attend various Kathas and Poojas dedicated to the beloved son of Shiva. The immersion ceremony known as Visharjan will take place on the next day in lakes, rivers and the seas. 
Hindu months are based on the different phases of the Moon and constellations. During each of these months, distance between the Moon and Sun from the Earth is not always the same. On the fourth lunar date (Chaturthi Tithis) of the month of Bhadrapad on which Ganesha was born, positive frequencies first time reached the earth to protect creation. 
Every year on this particular day, pure particles in the atmosphere and positive energizing energy is felt and helps its activation. This has an effect on human mind and has the power to turn it pure. Chaturthi Tithis is thus dedicated to Ganesha. Religious observance on this day is performed for general well being, success, happiness and prosperity. 
Beloved Ganesha is also known as Ganapati. Gana in Sanskrit language means guard. In Hindu mythology there are ten such Dikpal or Gana to watch and protect the ten cardinal directions of the universe. Pati is the nurturer. Ganapati is the master of all the directions. Other Dikpal cannot reach the place of worship of other direction which is not assigned to Him unless He receives the permission of Ganesha. 
Gana also symbolises pure spiritual particle. Ganapati is the master of these pure particles of creation and consciousness. All religious ceremony starts with his veneration so as to clear harmful frequencies which obstructs the mind and different paths leading to spiritual consciousness. That is why He is also called Vighneshwar, the one who controls and destroys obstacles. 
Ganesha is described as Vinayak, one who is endowed with all the features - and characteristics of a leader. Being the master of the Dikpal, Ganesha assumes the role of a master and is thus Vinayak. The other attendants perform their advocated duties under His supervision only. He is endowed with such powers that he can reach anywhere instantly to protect His devotees and get rid of all obstacles therein. That is why Ganesha as Vinayak is worshipped first before any religious ceremony, auspicious deeds or embarking on any venture. 
Ganesha as beloved son of Mahadev and Parvati is also an embodiment true love, purity and intelligence. As such He eliminates impurities, curse, pains, sorrows, barriers and obstacles from one's life. Ganesha chaturthis allows us to re-affirm our faith, devotion and commitments towards Him and His devotees. 
Preparation to greet Lord Ganesha has already started. Let us ask Him to turn us wise, fill in us love and eternal divine bliss. Let’s ask Him to bind us with one faith, lead and guide the wayward straggling masses. 
Om Shanti
Pundit Ved GOOPEE


(PART 83)

True love is a spiritual experience and when it enters our lives a glorious transformation begins, and our world becomes one of joy. 

Love has tremendous power. It can transform our entire being when we alIow it to manifest fully within us. 
It is an expression of the best that is within us. When expressed in our thoughts, speech and actions it has a transforming influence on the world around us. 
When we are caught up in body and mind, we love in a limited way, never being truly happy and never feeling totally fulfilled in love. We think that love is associated with pleasure and we become very selfish in our love. But true love is beyond that. True love comes from the spirit and is a state of being; we become loving and the love radiates to alI. True love is not tainted by selfishness and is never possessive. True love makes one totalIy free and sets no condition to loving. Such love knows no pain, is always forgiving and always wants what is best for the other. 
True love is a spiritual experience. To experience this true love we need to go within and experience the spiritual centre of the heart. Through love and devotion to God and the blessings of spiritual masters, we get an opportunity to experience the awakening of this love. When it enters our lives a glorious transformation begins. Our eyes sparkle with divine radiance, our speech becomes sweet, our thoughts become positive and our actions become selfless. To be immersed in love is to be immersed in God. As we experience the light of the spirit, all sadness and loneliness disappear and our world becomes a world of joy. 
True love is real, it is not a myth! Seek it. It lies deep within our spiritual being. Let us not be satisfied with anything less. It lights up our lives in a way that nothing else can. It is the nectar of our divine world. May you be blessed with this divine experience in this very moment and always! 
Sri Vasudeva
(Trinidad & Tobago - West Indies)


The theory of mind only and the real state of things


To utter pleasant words without practising them is like a fine flower without fragrance.
The fragrance of a flower does not float against the mind; but the honor of a good man goes even against the wind into the world.
A night seems long to a sleepless man and a journey seems long to a weary traveler; so the time of delusion and suffering seems long to a man who does not know the right teaching.
On a trip, a man should travel with a companion of equal mind or one who has a better mind; one had better travel alone than to travel with a fool.
An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind.
So long as a man cannot control his own mind, how can he get any satisfaction from thinking such thought as, “This is my son” or “This is my treasure”? A foolish man suffers from such thoughts.
To be foolish and to recognize that one is a fool, is better than to be foolish and imagine that one is wise.
A spoon cannot taste of the food it carries. Likewise, a foolish man cannot understand the wise man’s widsom even if he associates with a sage.
Fresh milk is often slow to curdle; so sinful actions do not always bring immediate results. Sinful actions are more like coals of fire that are hidden in the ashes and keep on smouldering, finally causing a greater fire.
A man is foolish to desire privileges, promotion, profits, or honor, for such desires can never bring happiness but will bring suffering instead.
A good friend who points out mistakes and imperfections and rebukes evil is to be respected as if he reveals the secret of some hidden treasure..

• Louez l'Éternel, car il est bon,
Car sa miséricorde dure à tou- jours!
• Qu'Israël dise:
Car sa miséricorde dure à tou- jours!
• Que la maison d'Aaron dise:
Car sa miséricorde dure à tou- jours!
• Que ceux qui craignent l'Éternel disent:
Car sa miséricorde dure à tou- jours!
• Du sein de la détresse j'ai invoqué l'Éternel:
L'Éternel m'a exaucé, m'a mis au large.
• L'Éternel est pour moi, je ne crains rien :
Que peuvent me faire des hom- mes?
• L'Éternel est mon secours,
Et je me réjouis à la vue de mes ennemis.
• Mieux vaut chercher un refuge en l'Éternel
Que de se confier à l'homme;
• Mieux vaut chercher un refuge en l'Éternel
Que de se confier aux grands.
• Toutes les nations m'environ- naient:
Au nom de l'Éternel, je les taille en pièces.
• Elles m'environnaient, m'enve-loppaient:
Au nom de l'Éternel, je les taille en pièces.
• Elles m'environnaient comme des abeilles:
Elles s'éteignent comme un feu d'épines;
Au nom de l'Éternel, je les taille en pièces.
• Tu me poussais pour me faire tomber;
Mais l'Éternel m'a secouru.
• L'Éternel est ma force et le sujet de mes louanges ;
C'est lui qui m'a sauvé.
• Des cris de triomphe et de salut s'élèvent dans les tentes des justes :
La droite de l'Éternel manifeste sa puissance!
• La droite de l'Éternel est élevée!
La droite de l'Éternel manifeste sa puissance!

Daily Vedic Sanatan Prayers of the Hindus

Holy Gita by Swami Chinmayananda Path-of-devotion

Fix your mind on Me only, place your intellect in Me; then (thereafter) you shall, no doubt, livein Me alone.

Meditation is not a physical act but it is a subtle art developed by the inner personality in man. Every seeker must be experi- encing that what his intellect accepts, his heart does not appreciate; and what his heart craves for, the intellect laughs at. To bring both the head and the heart to the same Enchanting Form of thrilled satisfaction, would be the secret of harnessing the entire inner man to the spiritual effort. The technique of this artist is beautifully explained in this stanza. -
FIX THY MIND ON ME ALONE- The mind cannot contemplate on any theme that cannot be conditioned by the senses. Therefore, by meditation upon the Enchanting Form of the Immortal Flute-player, the human mind can readily be made to rest entirely at the feet of the Form. The Lord, being All-pervading, is at once the Divine Grace behind all names and forms. The mind of a devotee cannot wander to any place where he is not reminded of the smile of the Crowned Cowherd-boy!
Merely to ruminate over a decorated marble symbol of the Eternal Child is not in itself sufficient food for the inner personality of man. The intellectual aspect in us is starved, although the heart nestles in satisfaction at the soft feet of the Lord. Any overdevelopment will bring about an ugly situation; perfection is harmony and uniform growth. Therefore, technically, the Geeta rightly advises that the devotee must bring his discriminating intellect to pierce through the stony idol' and contact the pulsating Truth it represents.
PLACE THE INTELLECT IN ME - To contact thereby the cosmic, total-intellect which is the Lord's equipment.
Every one of us, at any given moment, is the sum-total of what we think and what we feel. If our minds are resting on the Lord, our intellects have dived into the very depths of the Infinite, our individualities end and we merge to become one with the Infinite, the All-pervading. Therefore, the Lord says.
“THEREAFTER YOU SHALL LIVE IN ME". This statement may look as an exaggeration for the finite mortal, who is standing agitated and shy at the gateway of the Temple-of-Truth. In his habitual concept that he is a finite mortal entity, pressed under a thousand limitations, suffering from a host of imperfections, and persecuted by an army of despairs – he fails to accept that he can rediscover himself to be Himself, the ever-Divine. Therefore, as a kindly teacher, Lord Krishna reassures him by affirming directly, "no doubt" (Na-samsayah).
To be continued

Swami Chinmayananda